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West Virginia Civil War Medals

In 1866 the state of West Virginia authorized the minting of over 26,000 medals to honor its Civil War Union soldiers. Today, many medals still remain unclaimed. These medals can be claimed by descendants.

Visit the West Virginia State Archives web site for more details:
West Virginia Civil War Veteran Medals

A Brief History of the Soldiers’ Medals Issued by the State of West Virginia

One Descendant’s Note on Obtaining his Ancestor’s Medal:

Hi Steve.
Well I got my gggrandfather’s civil war medal. It is really nice, 132 years of tarnish and all.
It says: Honorably Discharged (on the top) On the medal itself: (front) (a big W and V interwoven connects the medal to the top banner), a woman in a flowing dress places a laurel on the head of a soldier, with her right hand. With her left, she hands him a paper or certificate. To the soldier’s left is some corn growing. To the right of the woman is an Eagle (standing). Below the scene is the WV State emblem with motto below. To its left is “1861.” To the right is “1865.” On the back: “Presented by the State of West Virginia” (which is surrounded by a Laurel)  A Demarest NY (at bottom center of back)   On the edge is: the name, company and regt. (this one is Sinclair{St.Clair} Thompson Co. L 7th reg Cav Vols)
Thanks again….it was on your web page that I first found my gggrandfather’s medal was unclaimed.

Myrl Thompson, Wasilla Alaska

WV Veteran Medal